Saturday, April 2, 2011

DIY Saturday!

Last week, I decided it was time to go Spring/Summer shoe shopping. I bought a couple pairs of really cute Candies wedges on sale at Kohl's (one of my FAV places). But it had me thinking of a pair of Forever 21 wedges I got this time last year - they didn't make it out of the Summer season alive, unfortunately. The straps around the ankle detached from the sole of the shoe :( I couldn't bare to throw them out, so I just put them away in the closet lol. But I got an idea for some DIY, and here are the results:


All I did (well, I say I, I mean my grandmother, because I cannot sew) was sew a long piece of material closed, then wove it through the hole in the wedge, wrapped it around my foot, threaded it through the slits in front of the sandal, and tied a bow. After the ankle strap detached from the sole, it was easy to just cut the rest off. The great thing about this is that I can change the material to go with any outfit! I'm already thinking of a blue and white stripe material for a nautical look.

Also, I had a certain purse on my wishlist for awhile. I was actually planning on buying it, but I found a similar purse in a similar color while thrift-shopping one day. All I did (again, grandmother) was make a bow out of material, stick some self-adhesive velcro to the bow and the purse, and ta-da! It isn't an exact replica of the Forever 21 purse, but I really like it, and it cost loads less.


I promise outfit posts coming SOON....just trying to find time with so much overtime at work :p
Speaking of finding time to post, how do you ladies make the time with your busy lives?


  1. Love the shoes - I would never think to do that!

  2. mmm nice idea with the shoes!