Monday, April 18, 2011

On My Wishlist

So I am going to be moving into my very own apartment in August. Nothing glamorous, just an efficiency-style apartment on campus where I'm going to school. But I'm so excited because I get to decorate! And I will be living there for probably the entire time I'm going to school, so I definitely need to make the space my very own. Plus, since it is very small (efficiency = my bedroom is my living room with a bathroom and small kitchen area), I'm going to want to make it beautiful, bright, girly, and a place where I'm going to want to spend my time - because basically, it's where I HAVE to spend my time! Might as well enjoy it, right? Here are a few things I have on my wishlist for home decor:
The elephant teapot is part of the Calypso St. Barth collection coming to Target! It is going to be around $12.99, and it also comes in a beautiful coral color. Since they are so inexpensive, I will probably get two - I absolutely LOVE elephants, and I plan on putting a few colorful flowers in them. I also plan to decorate with lots of flowers! There is nothing that brightens up a room better than beautiful bright flowers! The teired dessert tray is also from Target - I love the design on the little plates - I want to use a couple of these to display all my costume jewelry. Not only will it look cool, but if I am able to see all the jewelry I have, I am more apt to wear it. Colored printed boxes (the above ones are from Container Store) are great for storing all kinds of things - I want a couple to store my nail polishes and makeup.

Other than these things, I am planning on getting some new bedding, colorful pillows, and other little knick-knacks. Does anyone have a HomeGoods store near them? Anyone shop there? I went to one when I visited my aunt in Denver - it's seriously awesome. There were so much cool home decor pieces, and the prices were phenomenal. It was funny because we would pick up something we liked (like a vase or whatever) and look at the price and say, "No way!" We did that the entire time we were in that store. Unfortunately, there is not one anywhere near me, but we are going to be visiting my aunt again this summer, so I really have to make a point of scoping out HomeGoods for my apartment.

Like I said, Target is amazing for colorful home decor items, so I will be hitting up there as well lol. I'm sure I will end up buying more things that I see (not on my list), but I know I won't be able to resist.

Later after I move in, I will be doing a Before and After post about decorating my little space and making it a home.


  1. I love decorating a new place. Have fun and I hope we get to see some pictures post-move!

  2. Awe the elephant teapot is adorable!!


  3. I should also be moving around the same time as you and I'm excited to redecorate as well. Girly and bright definitely sounds like a good theme. Something fresh and fun. Fresh flowers always do the trick.