Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thrift Tips

Thrift shopping is by far my most favorite shopping! Unlike shopping at a mall or department store, thrift shopping is exciting and surprising. I have seen a few of my favorite bloggers love to thrift shop as well, but I wanted to do a post about tips for thrift shopping for the ones that haven't dared. I also am showcasing my best thrift store finds.

Black suede clogs, Candies fur-lined boots, Mudd wedges, Wet Seal shimmery flats, and black leather clogs

You don't neccessarily want to go into a thrift store with certain things to buy in mind, because you will probably be very disappointed. Thrift shopping is definitely hit-or-miss, which is the exciting and suprising part of it. You can go into a store everyday for a week and leave with nothing. Then you could go everyday the next week and find cart-loads of items. I personally think that is why thrift shopping is so great, because when you finally find the things you want, those items are even more special to you.

Multi-colored faux snakeskin bag, pink cross-body bag,  vintage Dooney & Bourke with coin purse, purple faux snakeskin cross body bag, blue Nine West bag, Bath & Body Works wristlet

The most important tip that I can give anyone about thrift shopping is NEVER GIVE UP. It is definitely a huge let-down when you leave a store empty-handed. But there are new things added almost daily, and you are bound to find something. Another tip, which is mostly for the ones that are iffy about thrifting, is that they are CLEAN items. Of course, I draw the line at panties and other undergarments (it's just too weird), but the people who work at thrift shops do their best to weed out the good items from the bad. And if you are still freaked out by the idea of used clothing, you can obviously clean them yourself. I ALWAYS throw items in the washer and dryer as soon as I get home. Although with sweaters and delicate blouses, I like to hand-wash just to be cautious.

Flower and sequins skirt, black pleated skirt with flowers, satin flowered tunic, purple and violet dress

Please examine your item before purchasing!!! If there is a stain or hole in the item that cannot be repaired or cleaned, do not buy it unless you don't mind them. I personally do not want to leave with a beautiful white top, then find a nasty stain that will not come out later. With shoes, I like to spray the insides with anti-fungal spray and put new soles, if needed.

 Denim vest, suede vest, khakis vest, pink handmade vest
Pink beaded short-sleeved sweater , cream lacy top, pink button-down, flowered button-down blouse

 Long sleeve patterned blouse, Xhiliration leaf-print blouse
Men's striped button-down, men's red and black button-down

Men's yellow button-down, Flowered button-down dress

Also, don't be afraid to get a top that is a little bigger in size. I'm not talking about so big that you drown in it or look pregnant. There are times when I find a perfect top that I absolutely must have, but it's a little big. I get it anyway, because I can always wear it as a dress or tunic. It is definitely hard to think on such spur-of-the-monents, but you have to. Be aware of what you need in your closet, and what you definitely do not need. Think about how you will wear a certain item, remixing it with things that you already own. Or, you could possibly find something that you can fix up with a little DIY of gllitter or bows, etc.
Lace button-down, 3/4 sleeve flowered blouse
Try the mens department!!! Usually if I cannot find anything in the women's section, I head over to the men's department. Almost ALL of my button-downs are from the mens department. There's nothing sexier than a girl in a mens shirt ;) And plus, they are a little bigger and longer, which make great tunics/dresses.

Purple and Black 3/4 sleeve blouse, men's plaid button-down
And don't worry if you buy something that you end up hating. It happens. We can't win all the time! But at least you paid a few dollars for it and not thirty or more at a department store. Just learn from the experience, and try try again! Have fun!
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  1. Great tips and purchases... I love thrift shops

  2. Indeed it is! Looks like you got a haul there. I love the selection of bags. Which reminds me, I haven't been thrifting in what seems like forever. Must go soon.

  3. Great tips although it's funny bc i always have a "list" in my head and I usually find everything! Maybe I hit up a luckier spot though :)