Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Casual Work Day

sweater - thrifted, jean leggings - L.E.I. for Walmart, top - Old Navy, flats - Target, ring - Charlotte Russe
So I started my new job yesterday! Fun! But the good thing about orientation is the casual days, especially with it being so hot lately. Although, at the time, when this picture was taken, it was slightly chilly, hence, the sweater.

OMG, I absolutely LOVE these L.E.I. jean leggings (I just can't bring myself to say jeggings...:-/)!!!! They are super duper comfy, so cute, and go with anything! I'm pretty short, so when I wear flats, I fold up the cuff a couple of times, and when I wear heels, they look great unfolded as well. I usually have a problem with skinny jeans being too long, but these are perfect. Plus, they fit easily tucked into boots. Best part? $10. I have many a pair, believe me.

How awesome are these flats? I went on a shopping spree at Target last week for some cute flats, and I found these just as I was about to give up. Super comfy, cute, and I feel like a ballerina/Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.
I love big, crazy statement rings like this one from Charlotte Russe. Oh, and I have to add alot of props to China Glaze nail polish....I have had my nails painted for about a week now, and I don't have any chips or nicks whatsoever, and this is with 2 coats.

Thanks for all the nice comments - I didn't think I would get any, so I'm so surprised and happy! Keep them coming! :)


  1. Congrats on your new job! :)

  2. can't believe that polish has lasted two weeks. i can barely make it two days chip-free!