Friday, May 13, 2011

That 70's Vibe

Green dress- Target, denim jacket-  Steve & Barry's, belt- Old Navy, wedges- thrifted

This stairwell has become my favorite setting for photos. It's actually an old, abandoned antique store, but I just love the architecture of it. Do you ladies ever get caught taking photos of yourself? I'm not really one to attract attention, and I have to scout places before I get ready to have a photo session, to make sure there are no curious people or weird pervs. I've been doing pretty good at this spot, which is right across from the thrift shop I go to. But today, when I was leaving the thrift store, a nice lady that works there asked, "Did you get some good pictures?" LOL...caught red handed. She asked why, and I told her about my blog, but apparently she wasn't that amused...oh, well.

I made these three necklaces. I love how they go with any color and every outfit! They also kind of add to that 70's vibe.

These wedges went so perfectly with this dress, although they are a half size too small for me. Oh, well, the price of fashion, right? I also made the little anklet with some ball-chain and a tiny peace-sign charm.

I'm so glad Blogger is back up! I couldn't post last night or comment everyone. That's what I'm gonna do now! Au revoir!


  1. The necklaces you made are beautiful and i love the striped cool for summer!
    Aesthetic Lounge

  2. cute outfit!!! i like the layering of the necklaces!super chic!

  3. Cute colours! :)

  4. Nice photos, amazing style)

  5. great dress! You look so beautiful :)

  6. Great 70's look!!!Love your dress and your necklace!

  7. i like your dress and your necklace !

  8. The dress is absolutely gorgeous!! I love it!! you should submit your outfit to The Wear to go Girls for a chance to be featured Best Look of the Week!

    p.s. I'm hosting a fabulous giveaway! :)

    p.s.s. Yes last week when blogger was down, it was soooo annoying! Thank goodness it's back up.


  9. What a killer ensemble! Those striped wedges are too fabulous!