Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DIY Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! Well, hopefully for you it is, because for me, it could be better....I am not feeling too well due to loads of stress at work. But in good news, I've decided to leave my job towards the end of June, then I embark on a 2 week vacation to Denver, Colorado! Needless to say, I'm excited for the summer.

So I decided to post a few pics/instructions on a few DIY projects that I did over the weekend, with my grandmother's help.

First we have denim bangles, which I first saw in June's InStyle magazine.

picture via tedrossi.com

They are so adorable, but at $50+ each, not in my budget, so I figured I would try making my own.

1.) Start with the materials. A piece of denim, scissors, a plain bangle bracelet, and glue (I found that E-6000 Industrial Strength works best).
2.) Cut a strip of denim. The width is up to you, although a thinner piece is easier.
3.) Using scissors, an Exacto-knife, or whatever tools you have, fray the edges of the denim strip.

4.) Starting from the inside of the bangle, add a small dab of glue, and attach the edge of the denim strip.

5.) Start wrapping the denim strip around the bangle, making sure the frayed edges are visible.

6.) After you have glued the end of the strip down, cut excess dangling threads.

End result!

7.) Or take it a step further as I did, and add flat-back gold studs or any other extras, such as chain, which was used in one of the Ted Rossi originals.

Another project I did was jazz up a boring sweater. My idea came from this Banana Republic one:
picture via InStyle.com, sweater- Banana Republic, $80

My version:


And since I had some flat-back gold studs left over, I decided to embellish some plain Old Navy flip flops.

That's all for right now, but I have a few more DIY projects planned next time I'm off. I might not be posting again for awhile, because I'm going to get uber-busy! But I am still reading your comments and hopefully will have time for my Daily Reads.


  1. Ooh I love DIYs. These are fabulous!! They all came out amazing!!!


  2. I love what you did with those flops!

  3. Ooh, great idea!!!Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yay, I love all of your DIYs. I'm inspired :)

  5. This is an awesome DIY post. I definitely need to give them a try!
    Have a good day!