Saturday, May 28, 2011

California Casual

Sweatshirt- Target, shorts- thrifted/DIYed, hat- WalMart, watch- WalMart

Honestly, I put this outfit together at the last minute before going to run errands. My grandmother was like, "Wow, you look California Casual," and I was like, "They dress like this in California?" I guess she knew what she was talking about because I found the almost exact same outfit in a magazine that had something to do with California lol. Anyway, I absolutely LOVE this sweatshirt - so lightweight and soft (it was about 90 degrees here at noon, and I didn't break a sweat). I got two from Target, on sale for $4.95 each. Why didn't I get more????

This purse is thrifted, and it's so cute! I had been looking for a small black purse with a sort of chain-type strap for classy looks, and it is just what I envisioned!

Since it is now SUPER hot outside (i.e., it will reach 104 today), I had to stock up on some summer essentials. I have always LOVED Neutrogena - it is just a classic brand that can never fail. I love the Ultra Sheer Body Mist sunblock because it goes on so sheer (hence, the name), has a very light smell, and the spray bottle makes it easy to reach hard-to-get places (since we all don't have a hot guy to rub lotion on our backs :p ). I also love the Ultra Sheer Dry Touch sunblock for my face. I sooooo hate the greasy feeling that most sunblocks give you, especially on my face! This one is perfect because it seems to disappear into an invisible powder after you rub it in....great if you want to put a little makeup on after. Finally, I cannot stand my hair to be oily. And since I have a habit of needing to be places at the last minute and don't always have time to wash my hair, theres dry shampoo! I have been testing many brands out over the last month, and I have to say that Beyond the Zone's Rock On dry shampoo works best for me. It gives me tons of volume, brushes out super easy, and makes my hair look like I washed it. It's available at Sally's, for around $8. I got the sunblocks from Ulta for $10 each. What are ya'lls beauty essentials for summer?

So I am going to be uber-busy this coming week. A couple of people at work quit, so I will be working major overtime! I'm actually dreading it, because I'm already SO tired, but the extra money will be great since I'm moving. And hopefully I will be getting a new car next month - I'm leaning toward a KIA Soul or a Nissan Cube. We are supposed to be going on vacation at the end of next month, but who knows if my job will be able to let me off. I hope so because I need one bad! Anyway, my point is I probably won't be posting until Friday, which is my next day off.

Thank you SOOO much for all the Birthday girls are so sweet!!!!!!


  1. Aww, this is lovely,
    nice post!

    Henar ♥

  2. The fabric of your top is so pretty! And it matches the necklace so well!


  3. I can only say: beautiful!!!Love your sporty look!
    Happy Sunday!

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  5. yup that is how we dress ;D i love the hat with the outfit! i am very jealous, i just can't pull of a hat! i love your hair cut too, really suits you!!


  6. awe i love the hat and that necklace. first time on your blog and you look great!!

    come check out mine if you get a chance

    fashion provocateur